I’ll probably talk too much.

I love life and sharing it with others. I’m always on adventures and I’d love for you to join me. I recently started a podcast too.

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Skin Journey: Episode 3

I wanted to upload some new images of my skin because it’s been about a month since I last updated everyone on my skin. It’s been a weird experience but I am getting used to consistently good skin. There’s less makeup and more sleep in my life now. Hear about my experience in my podcastContinue reading “Skin Journey: Episode 3”

Skin Journey: Part 2

It’s that time again. I will update you on my skin and progress towards glowing skin. I have reached a new level of clear skin. I am still oily but wow! This stuff has given me clear skin for the longest time in my adult life. Even though I am not on Accutane yet, IContinue reading “Skin Journey: Part 2”