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I love life and sharing it with others. I’m always on adventures and I’d love for you to join me. I recently started a podcast too.

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TikTok Tarot Readings

Is anyone else on tiktok and all of sudden you get flooded with tarot readings? I am literally losing my mind over it. I don’t believe in it but it does suck you in to want to know your future. I honestly just try to skip over them unless it is JennyChang because I findContinue reading “TikTok Tarot Readings”

Skin Journey:Episode 4

I have a been busy with finals, HOA business, and some other antics, so I apologize about the lack of content. So here we go. It’s time to talk about my Accutane journey. I have been finding myself very sensitive this month. I get scratches and bleed with the slightest brush against a rough surface.Continue reading “Skin Journey:Episode 4”

Facetime dates

Okay, okay this might only be relevant during 2020 so I have to write this fast. I went on a few Facetime dates this year and the most recent was my favorite. He was sweet. He talked to me for hours and gave me a tour of his house. He seemed like a real adultContinue reading “Facetime dates”