A Utah Earthquake

Who would have guessed that in a time when everyone is worried about a virus and hoped to stay safe by keeping everyone at home we would be hit with a disaster? Pretty much no one in Utah. As we hope to keep the toilet paper scavengers calm I can only say, stay safe and avoid rumors.

We had a pretty bad scare when a trusted person had an untrustworthy source tell her that we were about to be hit with an even worse earthquake. Believe me, I had water, my dog and important documents out the door in less than 10 minutes. I stopped an important meeting and told them we’d rather be safe than sorry and I basically bolted from my chair to grab shoes. It was the fastest I’ve ever left my house and I even quickly said a prayer that it would not be the last time I left it.

Fast forward a few hours and now I am working on a presentation feeling a bit sheepish for falling for the panic. I just don’t want to see my loved ones hurt or put at risk because we have multiple emergencies going on. Boy, what a time to be alive.

Stay safe, stay warm, stay healthy!

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