A Story of Cake

I am not a baker. In fact, I am a pretty sketchy cook. I do what I need to survive, okay! I am willing to try it though. In the midst of a quarantine seemed like a great time to give it a go. As the stars aligned for my every store to be closed during my brother’s birthday, it seemed like destiny to watch every Youtube video I could find on cakes.

So after three runs to the grocery store to find all the items I needed. (And no, I couldn’t just buy a cake because we are watching out for viruses and no one else could be trusted.) I finally started to make my two-layer (I am not a baker) cake.

I chose white cake because, well, my brother doesn’t like chocolate. Amazingly, and honestly surprisingly that part went well. I didn’t over mix, I didn’t forget to grease the pan, I waited the right amount of time. I was feeling pretty good.

Now I am a single girl, so I was texting some guys about my journey and they were also pretty proud of me. I shall leave them nameless but I wanted to shout out my cheerleaders.

So here I am, a proud maker of two 9″ round cakes. Ready to watch at least 2 more videos while they cooled down.

The cakes #HomeTogether makes me #bake

After a few more videos and a 30 minute timer, because apparently they must be put in the freezer to help keep the frosting on, I put on a “crumb cake” layer of frosting. I was so scared but aside from using a long knife instead of the fancy tools, it wasn’t bad. So then I learned that must again put this cake into the freezer before I continue.

Yep, I was basically about to start my own artisan bakery at this point. That’s when the stuff got REAL! I had to smooth this little guy into a beautiful masterpiece. LOL Youtube didn’t prepare me for that.

It’s okay guys, this is not a sad story. Tom got his cake. Let me just tell you that there was a lot of scraping off the side and starting again when I couldn’t quite get the evenness my Youtube instructor has made me expect of myself.

Okay, long story long, I was able to get a semi-decent cake going and I then decided to be the Queen of Good Intentions with a freaking stab at piping. All I wanted to do was make a star pattern, but I settled for a “TOM” cake and a little bit of swirly goo on the ends. I love my brother, so I was prepared to make this happen. Only 128 minutes later, I was done. I now bow down to all bakers, because WOW! That’s hard work.

Here is my final cake:

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