Soufflé Pancakes

How they are supposed to look

I thought I should share that these pancakes look amazing and I have been obsessed with them since seeing them for the first time. My friend also happens to be excited about them so we decide to make them during quarantine.

Let me tell you something about these pancakes, they are HARD!

Many people make them in just a few minutes (on YouTube) but that was not the case for us. We took about 5 hours to make the two batches because we had run out for more supplies. Still we failed…

So we watched many more videos and I had just about given up when I decided that I was going to order the last thing that was missing (baking rings) to see if I could make some magic.

Fast forward to this morning. We had some success. There will definitely be a follow up blog but this is where I stand as of today. Fat pancakes, but not soufflé pancakes…yet.

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