Soufflé Pancakes: Take 2

Look at this improvement. If you were with me for part 1, you. know that it was a struggle to get started. I am not a cook for one and this was my first adventure with baking powder for another.

Fast forward to now, look at these beauties. I was able to get them fluffy and perfect with only one egg yolk and two egg whites. The real trick was in the mixing of the mixtures for me. I had to mix the first third of the meringue in quickly and the rest slowly. The last thing I learned was the pan matters. Try a griddle or a cast iron pan if you want to be successful.

Once you’ve got that down, you will enjoy the experience a lot. Thanks for sticking with me and I have the video I followed linked below.

So easy to follow. I really like this one.

My final product. Don’t mind my paper plate. It’s been a long quarantine and dishes were just not happening.

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