Brunch Times

I swear I never meant for this to be a food blog, at least not with me making the food but here we are in day #34233 of the quarantine and I am making some of my favorite brunch items because I am not close enough to have them delivered. #Firstworldproblems

Let’s talk about my favorite items, crepes and blintzes. It all started at a breakfast diner called Village Inn. I have to specify because it might not be around anymore, they closed the one I used to go to. Basically they had amazing strawberry blintzes and I miss them dearly. So I looked them up on Youtube and here I am… making them. Chef John gave me the motivation in his video. It all seemed really easy, so I’ll link the video below.

Part two, I made a little too much filling, so when I tried making them the second time, we had extra crepes. I ended up using Nutella and bananas in those and topped them with powdered sugar. Also an amazing alternative.

What did I learn? The 30 minutes in the fridge matters. Use medium heat and swirl the pan to make better crepe shapes. Have the spatula ready. And last but not least, do not eat the crepe hot… it burns.

Here is how it turned out for me:

Just a little taste of heaven #Blintzes

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