How to save on an electrician

Hello! I recently learned about my home and how it works because I blew out the lights in my beauty room. After a traumatic moment of fearing for my bank account, I was able to work with my dad to find the issue. If you’ve stumbled onto this post because you don’t want to call an electrician. Let me save you some money!

First, always go to your circuit breaker. If turning it off and then on again (ha!) doesn’t solve your problem, here are the next steps. (If you’d like to hear this instead of read about it, click on on my podcast image and go listen.)

  1. If your breaker is connected to multiple rooms, they probably complete only one circuit. Check the lights in the other rooms that are part of the breaker. If they still work, you have to find the right outlet that has caused the issue.
  2. To find the outlet, you’ll want a voltage tester (non-contact). If you don’t have one, here is a link to a cheap one on amazon. Once you find the outlet that isn’t working, TURN OFF THE BREAKER.
  3. Double check that the breaker is off. Seriously, double check. Then you can start to unscrew your outlet. (There will be a cover and then two more for your actual outlet. Look at the wiring for any dark spots, where burns may have happen or loose wires. If you find one, this is the outlet you want to replace.
  4. To replace, you should match the wires to the previous version. Unless you are changing it to a GFCI version. Those should come with instructions and pictures. When you’re done, it should look like this.
The breaker should be off for this whole thing.

Now, if you’ve made it this far, you should be able to turn on the breaker and use the voltage checker to now see power running through the system. Check the outlets that were off and they should be back on. If you’re not seeing power come back on, there may be a bigger issue and before spending anymore money on small fixes, you’ll want to check with a real electrician. I am lucky enough to have this be my solution, so good luck!

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