5 Things I’ve learned from a low key player

Okay, here we go. I have met amazing men in my life and I’ve also met guys that just want to play games. We are not even aware because we fall so quickly for the little things they do. So if you are on dating apps, read this to be better prepared:

  1. He doesn’t put any information on his dating profile on purpose. It ensures you don’t know anything about him before you start talking to him.
  2. He is very aware of what photos on are on his profiles. No friends and very few photos.
  3. He makes a point to start talking to you about something that is on your profile. Then proceeds to quickly get connected in another format. So he will get your number and call you to make a quick connection.
  4. Watch out girls, these guys are are charismatic and want to know everything you are willing to share to make the right impression.
  5. They will want to love bomb you. They will tell you are amazing and then push your boundaries.

Haha now, I’m not hating the player but I am usually late to the game. I’ve taken a new approach to finding out about these crazies. I’ll do my best to keep these updated every month or so. 🤪

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I’m a lady with a dog, who likes to talk.

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