Skin Journey: Part 2

It’s that time again. I will update you on my skin and progress towards glowing skin. I have reached a new level of clear skin. I am still oily but wow! This stuff has given me clear skin for the longest time in my adult life.

Even though I am not on Accutane yet, I am excited to see my skin is getting more consistent. I wake up feeling more confident and happy because I know I can just wash and moisturize on days that I don’t have a lot of time.

That’s a whole new experience for me and I could cry telling you the horror stories I used to have when I had to choose between being late or feeling comfortable enough in my skin.

I’m far from perfect but I feel so grateful to have a chance to experience good skin. It’s worth the expense and I am excited to see more changes in the coming months.

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I’m a lady with a dog, who likes to talk.

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