Breaking a dating rule.

I try to have a positive attitude about the subjects on my blog but this is going to take a bit of a journey to get there. First, dating today is nothing compared to the dates we used to have. There’s not picking up at the door and being nervous at the door. People tend to do online apps and worry that Ted Bundy is on the other side. I mean, I do.

So here’s what can happen. You can gamble a bit and share you address with a complete stranger with the lord in your heart to protect you… or you can be conscious of your well being and keep things to a public place. I prefer the latter. So there I was going on date after date at a coffee shop, where I know the baristas are good people. I never stay more than an hour and I tell people where I went. Except once. I broke my own rules.

I let him pick me up. He knocked on the door, took me in his car, and offered to take me wherever I’d like. I still picked coffee but we talked for hours. Then we drove back to my home and instead of getting out right away, we talked for a few more hours. I like him. So it should be a great start to something right? Wrong.

I didn’t die but I felt like I lost more than when I went out with guys on my terms. I felt like I gave more and was more open. The only thing I didn’t do was kiss him. To be fair, I don’t normally kiss guys until a few dates. I just want a real dinner date before that step. I know. Super weird, slightly old school, and well safer this way.

So this wasn’t a happy ending but I actually liked this date more than my standard ones. I don’t know what this means for my well-being but I might have to do it again one day. I do want to point out that I am willing to shoot these men. So there’s that.

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I’m a lady with a dog, who likes to talk.

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