Facetime dates

Okay, okay this might only be relevant during 2020 so I have to write this fast. I went on a few Facetime dates this year and the most recent was my favorite. He was sweet. He talked to me for hours and gave me a tour of his house. He seemed like a real adult but then I also saw some issues. People who have been single for a long time tend to start to make their homes and don’t know how to blend with others. People who have been married for a long time tend to want to blend everything right away. They also got used to another person being there in silence. They don’t know how to build up that connection.

In my date, this man tended to sit in silence and start to do other things. I didn’t mind but I also felt like I should do the same and that killed it for me. Why am I on the phone with you? I might as well be talking to my dog in my house by myself. I don’t know if you’ve experienced the same but that was lackluster. Oh well, we will keep going. More to come soon, I just went on a crazy date that I swear might be a killer.

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I’m a lady with a dog, who likes to talk.

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