TikTok Tarot Readings

Is anyone else on tiktok and all of sudden you get flooded with tarot readings? I am literally losing my mind over it. I don’t believe in it but it does suck you in to want to know your future. I honestly just try to skip over them unless it is JennyChang because I find her hilarious.

I know this isn’t the point of the app but from all the comments I can see, it’s a big deal. Women are over here giving their crazy exes a chance because they may be their “twinflame” … I feel a few different things about this but I mostly want to touch on the fact that these algorithms are very good. They will get you the keywords that you’ve mentioned and make you feel gooey about whatever is on your mind. Don’t fall for it! Use logic and maybe a little therapy to get past your feelings.

Even if it does happen to be true, you want it to be organic and real. Not manufactured in your head. The worst thing in this world is the expectations you set for another person. Most of the time it’s unattainable and only ends up hurting you. So let’s all skip past the tarot cards and focus on the life hacks lol!

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