Skin Check In (Update)

I wanted to share that I have decided to stop taking accutane. It was a decision that came down to my liver function being elevated and that risk wasn’t worth it for me. It is an excellent medication but it just didn’t like to work with my body at the time. I may come back to it but honestly, I am very happy I tried it. I am still working with a topical treatment but I will be doing a podcast with more details on my final month on accutane.

I am sharing a few more photos to help you see my progress and I hope you enjoyed following me through my little adventure with my skin.

Life Catch-Up March 2021 Things I Googled

This is a quick life catch-up and gives you an idea of where the podcast is headed now and how I've been over the past month or so. 
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  3. Skin Journey: Episode 5
  4. Skin Journey: Episode 4
  5. World Updates and Future Stuff

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