Utah Real Estate Market

Buying a house in Utah is all about cash. – Googlegaby

One of the first things I wrote about was being a first time home owner. Little did I know that I would be busting into the market again to change from a condo to a little house. Churro isn’t a big dog but I wanted to have a yard for him. So I did what anyone does when looking for a house, I went to get pre-approved.

I was so excited when I was preapproved for double the first time around. It was all excitement and dreams until I started looking at the market. Houses were selling in days, not weeks. Open houses were canceled within hours of happening because of multiple offers. I was so frustrated. I also started off with the wrong real estate agent, but I will save that for later.

So here I am armed with a couple of thousand in earnest money, a pre-approval letter, and my dreams, getting the door slammed in my face. My real estate agent (the amazing one) Lance Anderson, started helping me research why I was failing. It had a lot to do with cash offers but I noticed that many sellers were trying to keep the community in the hands of families and not investors. So I only had to be a few thousand over the next. Except for a very nice lake house that ended up going for 150K over with 20K in hard earnest money. (FYI: hard earnest money is kept by seller no matter in certain scenarios.)

Once we felt we had a good strategy after coming in number two and three a few times, we started shifting. Honestly, my heart was broken so many times but I am glad I didn’t get the monster houses I originally wanted. I went outside my comfort zone and pulled my final card of selling my condo. (I’ll write that separately because it was a whole thing!) Now I was able to go about 10k over which seemed to be the lucky number.

I think I manifested my dreams because on the day I went under contract I had two houses select me. I mean WOW! in this market that is unheard of. So I made my choice and now I am on my way to a cute little house.

I have to shout out my family, friends, real estate agent, mortgage mastermind, and boyfriend for sticking by me as I had ups and downs. I will give you all updates on my little cottage soon!

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