How to save on an electrician

Hello! I recently learned about my home and how it works because I blew out the lights in my beauty room. After a traumatic moment of fearing for my bank account, I was able to work with my dad to find the issue. If you’ve stumbled onto this post because you don’t want to callContinue reading “How to save on an electrician”

Soufflé Pancakes: Take 2

Look at this improvement. If you were with me for part 1, you. know that it was a struggle to get started. I am not a cook for one and this was my first adventure with baking powder for another. Fast forward to now, look at these beauties. I was able to get them fluffyContinue reading “Soufflé Pancakes: Take 2”

Remembering Annie

Loss is a hard thing to describe. Today I’ve been thinking about the last conversation I had with my cousin and saying good bye. I remember the call from my dad telling me to come down to the hospital, feeling like it was not possible that her light would be put out. 2 years ago,Continue reading “Remembering Annie”