Patio Project

Outdoor Obsessions

I have been obsessed with beautifying my tiny space in the balcony. It’s been a work in progress all summer. So far, I’ve gotten rid of chairs I don’t use, thrown away trash, added an accent wall, learned about stucco, and made progress on my fear of heights. I already had some solar lights, so I just put them up along the top of my ceiling. (I am on the second floor)

First step was to sweep and clean. I got my old rug out and laid it out as the foundation. I added some boxwood tiles to create my accent wall. (I had to use hot glue because Stucco is a beast.) I also created a fun, cheap, pretty look with paper flowers. 
After I set that up, I bought two trees for my corners from TJMaxx. I also was gifted (thank you Elly!) a hammock chair for my birthday.

Since then, I have added a few succulents.They were 70% off at Michael’s, so I also grabbed some fake plants. (I kill every plant I touch.)I will have more updates as soon as Amazon gets my hooks to me. (Should be delivered today.)

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